Drypoint printmaking- Saturday 14th October 4-7pm

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Drypoint - Saturday 14th October 4-7pm

Drypoint is a form of intaglio printmaking where the image is created by scratching onto a surface with a hard pointed needle. It is often mistakenly referred to as etching, this is incorrect as it doesn’t involve any acid, so it isn’t etching but rather a form of engraving. The process of scratching onto the surface creates a slightly raised ragged, rough edge to the lines, known as the burr, giving the printed line a distinctive velvety look

In this workshop we will experiment with using tetra pak and Perspex as our drypoint surface (or metal if you have it) These will then be inked up in a variety of ways, using different techniques. We will also experiment with Chine Collé, which is a form of collage, embedded onto the print.

This workshop is suitable for student without a press.